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Extract from a televised interview with our president, Tina Kieffer

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" Toutes à l'école" is supported by the World Food Program and received a Recognition Medal from the Cambodian Government.

Figures that speak for themselves

  • In 70 countries on our planet most girls are put to work when they are children
  • A young girl that has not been to school is 80% more likely to enter into a forced marriage, to be sexually exploited, to suffer domestic violence or to raise malnourished or illiterate children
  • Increasing access to education for women in a country means improving the situation globally in that country: decreased malnutrition, child mortality and spread of HIV/Aids, a better economic situation.

Tina Kieffer's message
The president of "Toutes à l'école"

As it is the role of women to educate their own children it is essential for the worlds' future, to ensure these women have access to education.

This is how they will continue to transfer values of peace, open-mindedness and tolerance from generation to generation. Education is also the only weapon many women have against the terrible afflictions they must face in so many countries: forced marriages, crimes of honour, sexual mutilation, sexual or domestic slavery.. In my role as Editor in Chief at Marie Claire magazine, I am faced every month with new, often unbearable reports of violence as a result of archaic traditions. Reading these articles has reaffirmed my conviction that the only way to end these barbaric practices is through fair access to education for all.

Lastly, giving women access to a high quality education - the aim of our association - is the only way to increase the future representation of women in key positions in emerging countries - an outcome which would bring huge benefit to a country, improving its economic situation, social justice and the struggle against corruption. 

It is for all these reasons that "Toutes à l'école" has decided to prioritise promoting education for women. We completely support education as a fundamental human right for all children, no matter what their sex, but we feel there is an urgent priority to re-address the serious inequality affecting so many young girls, turning them into life's victims. If you share our convictions, and our desire to see a fairer and more human world, then join us.

Tina Kieffer 

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